The BH Hair Studio team offers a supreme wealth of knowledge and expertise with over 70 years of combined experience to deliver a high caliber and exceptional personal service.  They are fortunate to have established a tight knit family friendly environment that includes close relationships with generations of clients and their family members.

    Mo Elkurdi – Founder & Senior Creative Director 

    Mo started working for Toni&Guy/TIGI in the early 90’s.  He worked his way up to be the National Creative Director for the company. He traveled with the Artistic Team throughout the US and Canada to teach courses, seminars, and hair shows. In 1999, he became a Partner/Owner in Toni & Guy located in The Woodlands.   In 2002, he opened the second location, Toni & Guy in Memorial City in Houston.  He continued to lead and train the Toni & Guy Artistic Team in Houston.  With his strong work ethic, dedication, and knowledge of how to build a team, his two salons with Toni & Guy were very successful.  It was an incredible journey and wonderful learning experience throughout his 18 years with the company.  In 2009, he decided to branch out on his own and start a new chapter.  He opened BH Hair Studio in Cinco Ranch. He firmly believes that education is the back bone of every industry, as well as having the passion and ability to touch people’s lives through meeting their hair needs.  “Inspiring and believing in the young, talented staff to unlock their creativity is priceless.”  says Mo.

    Jessica Strong - Salon Director/Senior Technical Creative Director VI/TIGI Educator

    Jessica has been a part of the team for 8 years.  She is the leading, top colourist as a result of the quality of her work, but mostly with over 16 years she has in experience and education.  She has been the educator at the studio for the last 4 years.  She is a TIGI Educator and a part of the TIGI Collective Team.  She travels to share her expertise with other salons.  She started with Toni&Guy at Memorial City and was there for 8 years where she was the educator and director for the department; as well as the assistant manager.  Education is her passion.  She loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with up and coming technicians.  She is recharged every time she attends and teaches classes.  She attends classes at the TIGI Academy in NYC and Learning Lab in Dallas, TX, to stay up on colour trends. 

    Brooke Cavanagh - Salon Director/Technical Director V

    Brooke started her career in the hair industry over 10 years ago.  With her previous experience in the corporate world, she was promoted to Assistant Salon Director in September 2017. Motivated by her children and husband, she wanted to show them that she could be a mom and still have a successful career.  She holds a dual license as an operator and Cosmetology educator.  She attends classes at the TIGI Academy in NYC and Learning Lab in Dallas, TX to stay on point with fashion and colour trends.  She is always thinking of how she can use new ways to make clients feel more beautiful.  She is bubbly, energetic, outgoing and always excited to see her clients, knowing that she is going to make a positive impact on their day.  She specializes in blonding techniques including global lightening and balayage.  She feels that if she can turn a client’s bad day into a great day or even a great day into an amazing day, then her job is done. 



    Laura Boyce – Creative Director IV

    Laura is one edgy momma!  Laura started with Toni&Guy Town & Country straight out of high school and made her way to the Educational Team.  As an Artistic Team Member, she sharpened her creative talents while working multiple hair and fashion shows.  She also worked at Toni&Guy Memorial City prior to her joining the studio 4 years ago.  With over 18 years of experience, she has a positive, go getter attitude to tackle any busy day in the studio.  She specializes in the most elegant to complex updos.  She is in much demand from her ever growing list of loyal devotees.  With her charismatic personality and boundless energy, she feels like when you love what you do, it shows in your work.  She enjoys the opportunity to continue sharpening her craft at the TIGI Academy in NYC and Learning Lab in Dallas, TX, to keep her clients updated.

    Diana Torres - Creative Director I

    Diana has over 10 years of experience with 8 years being at the studio.  She has a strong foundation in cutting.  She is constantly challenging herself to stay up to date with the newest styles and trends.  Education is very important to her as she participates in the Creative Cutting classes taught in-salon by Mo and she also attends classes at the TIGI Learning Lab in Dallas, TX.  She is passionate about bringing out the beauty of each and every client.  She is always striving to influence and make room for change, whether it be minimal or a complete make over, one haircut at a time.  She is motivated by making a difference in the world one person at a time.  She loves the hair industry and bringing her professional experience to it.  She enjoys knowing that she has accomplished her clients’ hair desires with every smile of qualification received in return.  It is priceless to her and the most amazing reward! 

    Shae Walker - Art Director I

    A rising star, Shae has been with the team for little over a 1 year and is currently completing her education program.  Shae is a graduate from the Miller Career Center’s Cosmetology program.  She strives for perfection in each client service performed.  She is available for Bubbles and Blowout, Chemical Style Out and Specialty Style Out services.  She is passionate about making people feel beautiful in their own skin.  Wanting to become a salon owner, motivates her to learn everything she can about the salon industry.  One to watch!

    Amanda Torres - Assistant Stylist

    Amanda  is a graduate from Paul Mitchell the School in Houston.  She joined the BH team in 2019 and is an ambitious, hard working individual.  She began her advanced education training program with cutting and styling at BH Hair Studio.  She is extremely creative, gifted with makeup, and keeping up with the latest trends.  Her dreams one day is to be a hair and make up artist in the film and television industry.

    Leslie Smith - Assistant Stylist

    Leslie found her calling as a stylist at a young age sitting many mornings in her grandmother’s chair who was also a stylist.  She graduated from Progress Beauty College and won second place in the hair and make up show for Van TV.  Leslie is a long-term resident of Katy and has four incredible children.  Her kind, helpful, and enthusiastic personality is infectious with her clients and colleagues.  She is excited about going through the advanced education training program with cutting and styling at BH Hair Studio.

    Mia Martinez – Technical Creative Director IV

    Mia started with Toni&Guy Memorial City in 2005 and made her way up to be a part of the Educational Team.  She has been with the studio since the beginning as the leading colour technician.  She has over 14 years in experience and education.   She became BH Hair Studio’s primary colour educator but took a short break to help out more with her young family and find a better work-life balance.  She is working towards becoming a TIGI Educator again as part of the TIGI Collective Program.  She is so grateful with all of the new opportunities at BH Hair Studio, as she loves her clients that she has established and they love her! Mia practices what she preaches and is always impeccably dressed with hair and makeup on point.  She has the ability to transform her clients the way they strive to see themselves.  She has a very friendly, kind, and likable persona. She attends classes at the TIGI Academy in NYC and Learning Lab in Dallas, TX, to stay up on colour trends. 

    Michelle Perkins – Technical Director III

    Michelle is a graduate from the Miller Career Center’s Cosmetology program.  She joined the team 3 years ago.  She completed the colour education program in November 2017.  She makes education a priority and remains diligent to fine tune her craft through continuous training.  She has a calmness and peace about her that make clients feel comfortable in her chair.  She attended classes at the TIGI Academy in NYC and Learning Lab in Dallas, TX, prior to having her first baby.  She is highly motivated to keep up with the latest colour trends, build her clientele and to be successful for her newborn son. 

    Brenda Torres – Technical Director II

    Brenda is a graduate from the Miller Career Center’s Cosmetology program.  She joined the team 3 years ago.  She has worked prudently to have almost completed the colour education program.  She recently attended the 4-day Classics Class at the TIGI Learning Lab in Dallas, TX.  She delivers a flawless colour application with a positive customer service experience. She loves waking up every day knowing that she gets to make other people feel good about themselves.  She is motivated by each smile she brings to her clients and the excitement that her changes bring to their lives.  She is constantly reminded of what Coco Chanel once said, “A women who changes her hair is about to change her life!”

    D Castillo - Director of First Impressions

    Diana also known as “D” joined the BH Team beginning of 2020 as a front desk specialist.  With 6 years of exceptional customer service experience, she has a strong background on creative problem solving and communication. She is passionately dedicated to making each and every client feel at home as soon as they arrive with her big, welcoming smile.  She is a pro at multitasking, handling all incoming and outgoing calls, and scheduling and confirming appointments. “ D “ is highly motivated to do her best every day and going above and beyond to make sure all clients needs are always met in a genuine and friendly way.  She is excited to be on her BH journey as a member of the team and starting cosmetology school to pursue a career in the beauty industry.  Outside of work, she loves to be outdoors and going for runs with her fur baby, Rocky.



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