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"People do not care about what you know until they know how much you care", Theodore Roosevelt.

We are a group of individuals that have come together with the belief that we will provide clients with the ultimate customer service experience while making them feel and look exceptional.  Our motivation is fueled by consistent education, we have Advance In-Salon Training classes conducted weekly and quarterly, and annually attend classes at the TIGI NYC Academy and TIGI Learning Lab in Dallas, TX. 

Our price reflects the educational level of our stylists and chemical technicians which is determined by training and years of experience. 

RATES:   ***Please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours of your appointment time to avoid 50% service charge***

CUTS              Art Director    Creative Director

Cut/Style                $60+               $85+

Men's Cut               $55+               $80+

Children's                $45+               $70+

*Curling iron or flat iron work: add up to $25.

**Price varies on simplicity or complexity of Specialty Style Out and any additional iron work. 

STYLING                 Art Director   Creative Director

Bubbles & Blowout*              $40+              $50+

Chemical Style Out*             $30+              $40+

Specialty Style Out **           $60+              $130+

COLOUR     Tech. Director   Creative Director

Colour Gloss          $40+               $50+

Tint                           $75+               $100+

Tint Retouch          $65+               $90+

Global Lightener   Price upon consultation

Global Lightener                   

Retouch                  $75+               $95+


Highlights               $70+               $95+   



Highlights w/ Tint   $125+              $150+     


Partial Highlights   $85+               $110+   

Partial Highlights             

w/ Tint                      $140+             $190+ 

Full Highlights       $115+              $140+

Full Highlights             

w/ Tint                      $170+              $220+ 

Specialty Color

Color Correction     Price upon consultation

All chemical services must have a Chemical Style Out booked to guarantee blow dry time.  Rough blowdries are complimentary and are dependent on availability. 

+Prices increase based on level of experience and education.


Keratin Complex     Starts at $310 for 2 oz.

                                   + drying/flat iron time

Keratin Express       Starts at $160 for 2 oz.

                                     $35 for each additional oz. 

Keratin Infusion                        $40 

TIGI Copyright Care               $45


TIGI Copyright Care

Booster                                      $30


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